We will not sacrifice Safety, Quality, Integrity or the Environment.
General construction crews place drainage structure at Indianapolis Airport expansion project


Milestone's 2010 EMR = .55

Crew members accepting awards for outstanding safety achievementAt Milestone Contractors, LP, our goal is: Zero recordables and zero lost day incidents. We're committed not only to reducing the frequency, severity, and cost of incidents and injuries, but also to creating an environment where they do not occur. To meet this commitment, we promote and encourage a culture of Safe Production. In "Safe Production" culture, safety is never sacrificed for production or cost savings. Instead, safety and production are seen as one and the same, creating a safe and productive job site.

The success of our safety program in the Safe Production culture depends on the safety and well being of each employee. To achieve this, we obtain the commitment and support of all employees to work safely. We train employees in expected safety behaviors and empower them to stop production should a safety concern arise. Furthermore, we educate our employees on how to identify a "Near-Miss" or potentially hazardous situation as a lesson learned to be shared throughout Milestone. The training and empowerment of our employees is the cornerstone of the Safe Production culture - a culture we are committed to maintaining well after our goal of zero losses is achieved.

"A great safety program at work carries home with all employees as a benefit to the families of our valued employees."

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