We will not sacrifice Safety, Quality, Integrity or the Environment.
Meeting the high volume traffic demands with roundabout roadways delineated with stamped and colored concrete


Constructing today's projects with environmentally sound practices at Ivy Tech in Richmond, INMilestone’s goals are simple and easy to understand and it is these goals that drive our Quality Initiative. In our quest to be customer driven and a low cost producer, we have undertaken some simple values - not sacrificing safety, quality, or integrity, serving our customers, continuous process improvement, hard work, dedication and mutual respect. The end result of these goals and values is to have satisfied employees and satisfied customers.

Milestone has explored many avenues for enhancing our Quality Initiative. We began pursuing TQM and ISO 9000 in 1990 and pursued that through 1996, at which time we undertook the initiative internally, in lieu of outsourcing. In 1997, we began investigating our needs and identifying our group leaders -- we called this team Vision 2000 Plus. We immediately set a goal to complete all documented processes by January 1, 2001, with training to follow during the 2001 calendar year. All processes are being developed using the ISO 9000 criteria as a guideline, with the theme of “Continuous Improvement” which is communicated to our employees.

By optimizing the use of departmental committees and involving the “people” in process development, we reached our completion date. Each and every policy or procedure at Milestone is subject to change by anyone in the company. The end result of this open door policy is two fold: (1) to have real working documents that are used as guidelines to ensure that our customers receive a consistent, quality project and (2) a set of guidelines that help employees transition from job to job, aid in training new employees, and to work as a tool for our employees to ease the stress and complications of their job.

Field Operations personnel make up over 70% of Milestone’s employees; therefore, our process development is geared toward this massive group. Our process development for the field is broken down into the following core procedures:

  • Asphalt Lay down
  • Asphalt Production/Asphalt Lab Quality Assurance
  • Traffic Control
  • Underground Utility Installation
  • Utility Location
  • Concrete Curb/Sidewalk/Paving
  • Equipment Maintenance and Utilization
  • Bridge Building
  • Dirt Work/Grade Preparation
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