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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Bet on People: Nick Fields

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Nick Fields is a combination Laborer and Teamster in our Milestone North Area who has seen a large amount of personal and professional growth since joining the Milestone team. He began his career with no ambitions to grow in his career. He worked to collect a paycheck and jumped between dead-end jobs, sometimes even turning to alcohol to get by. One day he decided to join the local union to earn a higher wage, and his first job in the union was building windmills. The next season he got placed here with Milestone, and that’s when he felt he was given “A second chance at life.”

When Nick arrived at Milestone, he expected to be treated as another replaceable face, but what he found was community, security, and a company that cared about the individual. For the first time in Nick’s life, he had supervisors who knew he was capable of great work and held him to a high standard. This motivated Nick to not only make them proud but also to become someone he could be proud of.

Through his five seasons with the union and Milestone, he was able to save up and purchase a house, something he never thought he would achieve in his previous life. Achieving this life goal pushed him further. He began to take classes and earned his CDL and combo card to progress further in construction career.

“It feels good to know I am the person who has worked hard for the things I have now. Every day we are out here building roads and can see the physical progress we’re making,” says Nick. “You get to see how you are making lives better for those in the communities around you and be a productive member of society.”

Nick takes great pride in the work that he does, and so do his team members. Through their many hours together his job has become a home in Nick’s eyes. He believes that this makes the quality of their work even better.

“I care about the safety of my team, we are a family, I care about doing a good job for leadership because they respect me,” he said.

On a couple of occasions Nick and the crew members have gone fishing together after hours, and Nick says they are always there to confide in each other without judgement. This sense of care and family are what makes Nick proud to be a Milestone employee.

As Nick thinks about the future, he hopes to stay at Milestone and become a foreman or superintendent for the company. This would allow him to mentor the up-and-coming construction workforce and teach them the skills he has gained from his bosses at Milestone.

Nick is passionate about peer coaching and motivational speaking and hopes to share the life lessons he has learned from the hardships he’s gone through. His ultimate dream is to speak at our company kick-off meeting and travel the world motivationally speaking to inspire others. “All it takes touching one person in the room, and you’ve made a difference,” says Nick.

Nick has made a huge difference here to his team at Milestone. He shows up dedicated to The Milestone Way and brings passion and commitment to every job he’s on. He is a true role model and light to us all. We couldn’t be prouder of the journey he has been through, and we are happy to have been there to support him as a company. Thank you, Nick, for your years of service! We can’t wait to see all you do!

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