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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Business Excellence: I-69 Finish Line

In 2021, we began our work on Section 6, Contract 5 of the I-69 Finish Line Project. It is the final section of the Interstate 69 connection between Evansville and Indianapolis. Milestone has teamed up with Walsh Construction for this project that includes 45 new or replacement bridges, four rehabilitation bridges, three new interchanges and the new system interchange between I-465 and I-69 ,eight miles of new lanes for a wider I-465, and converting existing SR 37 into an interstate, totaling 168 lane miles of pavement replacement.

Section 6, Contract 5 is broken down into five segments, and Milestone’s responsibility on this project includes:

  • Segment A – Mill and overlay, patching, shoulder reconstruction and widening on I-465 from I-70 to Mann Rd.

Milestone has subcontracted E&B Paving to perform a portion of the HMA activities in this segment.

  • Segment B – Total reconstruction of I-465 from Mann Rd. to US 31, including the new system interchange.

Milestone is responsible for the temp HMA, subbase, CRCP pavement, moment slabs & terminal joints.

The quantities of CRCP pavement in this section is split between MCLP and our subcontractor, E&B

  • Segment C – Full and partial depth patching and added PCCP travel lanes.

Milestone is responsible for the PCCP pavement for the added travel lanes and the permanent patching.

  • Segment D – I-69 from just south of Southport Rd. to the system interchange at I-465 and a new interchange at Southport Rd. and Epler Ave.

Milestone is responsible for the temp HMA, subbase, HMA pavement, moment slabs and VWIM pavement.

  • Segment E – I-69 from just south of Fairview Rd. to just south of Southport Rd.

Milestone is responsible for constructing eight bridges, a brand-new interchange at County Line Rd., construction of the brand-new West Connector Rd., full reconstruction of Wicker Rd., nearly 1,000,000 cyds of earthwork, over 200,000 tons of HMA.

The commitment, passion, and quality our team members have poured into this project make us extremely proud. This project is led by Jim Thompson (General Superintendent), Ryan Whitaker (Project Manager), Josh Callahan (Project Superintendent), Jason O’Neal (Seg E Project Superintendent), Mike McCory (Bridge Superintendent), Scott Purdue (Concrete Paving Superintendent), Eddie Fitzpatrick (HMA Assistant Gen Superintendent), Samantha Skiles (Seg E Project Manager), Lukas Miller (Seg E Project Manager), Ashly Rieman (Seg A-D Project Manager).

Producing the work to Milestone quality and safety standards: Chad Wright, Doug Seaman, Brady Harris, Kyle Shireman, Kyle Crussel, John Moore, Mark Walker, Corey Deck, Pete Miller, Greg Fender, Roger Johnson, Jason McCory, Jeff Livingston, Dave Kirby, Milt Kinder, Dylan Myers, Clay Tedder, Kevin Boynton, Aaron Wooley, Luke May, Josh Morgan, Johan Carrera, Josh Miller, Matt Partlow, Roberto Medina, Chad Little, Jordan Edgar, Farrell Edwards and all the men and women in our QC labs.

Safety is the first pillar of the Milestone Way with all else following. On this project there have been nearly 237,000 labor hours with only two recordables and zero lost time. This is testament to not only our project leadership’s dedication to safety, but also our men and women performing the work. Despite the pace of the project, our employees have remained focused on the most important thing: to go home the same way they came in!

I-69 Finish Line is expected to open to traffic in late 2024, improving safety and reducing travel time. With all the improvements made, it is estimated the average travel time it takes to get from Martinsville to Indianapolis will be reduced by 11 minutes. The improvements are also expected to result in 1,300 fewer regional crashes each year. Finally, the most impressive statistic about this project is that it is expected to generate $4.1 billion in positive regional economic impact over 20 years. At Milestone We Make Lives Better One Road and Bridge at a Time, that means increasing safety and effectiveness for all traveling public in the I-69 Finish Line Project. It is truly an honor to be a part of this project. Stay tuned for more updates as we near completion in 2024!

Shots from our June 14th visit with INDOT commissioner, Michael Smith, and Deputy Commissioner of Operations, JD Brooks.

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