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  • Ashlyn Cavins

Business Excellence: I-70 Design Build

Our Milestone teams are in full swing on segment two of the I-70 Design Build Project in Greenfield, Indiana. This segment will be substantially completed this year and includes adding a five-mile stretch of travel lanes for both bounds and a new inside shoulder, with all new drainage systems.

Crews busy on Segment two work this May

We started this journey of Making Lives Better One Road and Bridge on I-70 in the spring of 2022 when the team broke ground of segment one of the project. Segment one consisted of five miles of full depth reclamation, a new foundation, hot mix asphalt open grade, and a total of four bridge projects.

This project was initiated to accommodate a greater traffic flow in the community. The enhancements will allow traffic and goods to make their way through the Hoosier state more quickly and efficiently. Though phase one of the project was met successfully, our Milestone team members were met with challenges. In this project, we got to put our value “Tackle the Big Problems” to life. In this design build, our team unexpectedly had to do a full redesign of the job with a national cement shortage that could delay the work. Though frustrating, our team members never gave up their fleet in completing phase one of the job on time.

These adversities only made us stronger,” says Milestone Superintendent Emily Mick. “It made completing the job on time even more satisfying knowing all that we had overcome.

As we continue our improvements to I-70, we take the knowledge we learn from each project with us.

Being on a design build has fast tracked my learning and development as a Project Manager,” says Milestone Project Manager Jacob Taylor. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to be added to this team."

If you see our team members working on phase two of the I-70 Design Build this season, remember to slow down, and stay alert when entering a construction zone. Thank you to all our crews who have worked together to make this project a success. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our latest progress on the I-70 enhancements

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