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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Do The Right Thing Always

Christain Turner is a previous Milestone employee and laborer working for a different company in Columbus, Indiana. Recently, Christian, his wife and his three-month-old baby were traveling in a construction zone in Crown Point when their car broke down.

Kris Saeuberlich, a current Milestone employee, stepped in to do the right thing by helping the family in their time of need. He not only ensured that the family was safe, but also helped protect the baby from the heat by having Christain’s wife and child sit in his truck with the air conditioner on while they waited for the tow truck. When the tow truck arrived, Kris had him pull the car into the parking area of the work site and he managed to fix the car himself.

Kris working on Christain's vehicle.

Christain, called to express his sincere gratitude and relief to know his wife and new born were safe because of our Milestone employee. Because of Kris’s actions, he is inspired to rejoin the Milestone family whenever the opportunity presents itself. He said he wanted to do more to let us know how much he appreciated the people we chose to employ.

Here at Milestone, we live by the value “Do the Right Thing-Always". This is exactly what our employee Kris did. He stepped up and saw a family in need and took action to help them. We couldn’t be prouder of your generosity or to call you a part of the Milestone Family.

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