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Emily Mick Appointed Director of Indianapolis NAWIC

Emily Mick, Foreman, was nominated and elected Director for the 2023-2024 Indianapolis National Association of Women in Construction. Emily started working in the construction field in July of 2012, where she began her journey on a Milestone bridge crew as an apprentice laborer.

For the next couple of year she attended laborer training through the union where she completed classes and received a variety of certifications all while working, her full time heavy highway job here at Milestone. In March of 2015, Emily graduated from her apprenticeship and became a journeyman laborer.

Her passion for safety led her to become a safety committee member in 2016. She received the APAI Safety Award in 2017 and began to lead the huddle for the crews on her projects. Emily was on the Excellence Safety Committee in 2018 and was on the craft safety committees from 2019-2021. In July 2020, Emily was promoted to foreman.

All of Emily's commitment and passion to make construction a safer and more diverse culture to work in has lead her to the success she has achieved today. Emily, we are so proud of your appointment of Director! Congratulations from the Milestone family!

Emily Mick and NAWIC Board Members


The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) originated as Women in Construction of Fort Worth, Texas. Sixteen women working in the construction industry founded it in 1953. Knowing that women represented only a small fraction of the construction industry, the founders organized NAWIC to create a support network for women working in a male-dominated field. Women in Construction of Fort Worth was so successful that it gained its national charter in 1955 and officially became the National Association of Women in Construction.

Today, NAWIC is still based in Fort Worth and has over 115 chapters throughout the United States that provide its members with opportunities for professional development, education, networking, leadership training, public service and more. NAWIC continues the vision of its founding members by advocating for the value and impact of women builders, professionals and tradeswomen in all aspects of the construction industry.

Indianapolis NAWIC Board & Directors

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