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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Global Recycling Day

When you think to yourself, “What is the most recycled material in America?", I bet glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic probably comes to mind. All of these are true! However, according to studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) asphalt pavement is also considered one of America’s #1 recycled products.

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, binders, and fillers, and specific recycled waste materials. In our labs at The Heritage Group, our chemist and engineers are continuously discovering ways to use these asphalt products in more environmentally conscious methods. They look at the materials used, temperatures in which asphalt is laid all to construct the most eco-friendly and sustainable paving solution on the market.

One way that our company can recycle asphalt is through CIR. Cold-In-Place Recycling is a process that removes cracks and other pavement distresses. CIR is a rehabilitation technique where pavement is milled, crushed, and mixed in place with a stabilizing emulsion or foamed asphalt and then placed with conventional paving equipment. 

The major benefits to this reclamation process are:

  • Cost savings

  • Lowered environmental impact

  • Stronger, safer, most sustainable roads

As we reflect this Global Recycling Day, we are truly proud to be a company that uses and advances the world’s most recycled product. We look forward to learning more about asphalt materials, and how we can continue to make sustainable solutions for our plant.

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