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Heidelberg Cement Plant Project

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

This summer our Milestone crews, were able to partner with IMI and Turner Construction to complete concrete work for Heidelberg Materials new plant in Mitchell, Indiana. This new cement plant will be the second largest single cement production facility in North America, with a capacity of 2.4 million tons of cement a year.

Our Work By The Numbers

  • Concrete Slipped: 10,877 SYDS

  • Hand Poured Concrete: 21,388 SYDS

  • Installed Stone: 11,000 tons

In this project we poured concrete roadways and parking lots. Working together with Turner Construction, we place stone on areas weaving in and out of the new plant including under the kiln and to the new silos being installed for this project. Lastly, to finish up our project we poured concrete parking lots leading up into the new administration building on site. Dwight Cline, Superintendent, says that while we get to work on an abundance of unique jobs, working at Heidelberg was a special experience. This was because we poured concrete around mills, kilns, conveyors, and silo’s that create the cement that goes into our concrete mixtures.

Here at Milestone, we are committed to a way of operations called The Milestone Way. The Milestone Way, puts safety at the forefront of what we do. Because of the many crews on site dedication to safety, we are proud to announce that in our 90 days on the project there were zero citations. This is a true testament of these crews living out The Milestone Way. When safety comes first, all else can follow and quality infrastructure can be built the right way. Thank you to crews of Jason Frye, Jordan Edgar, Steve Deem, Jose Ramos, Austin Branum, and Gaspar Cortes for your excellent work and collaboration.

To read more about the Heidelberg Cement Plant follow the links below:

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