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  • Ashlyn Halstead

I-69 Job Update - Segment E Complete

This project is a Joint Venture with Walsh Construction. The photo featured is the south section of the project called Segment E. This section, Milestone is 100% responsible for. It stretches from Fairview Rd to just south of Southport Rd. It included 8 bridges, a brand-new interchange at County Line Rd, construction of the brand-new West Connector Rd, full reconstruction of Wicker Rd, nearly 1,000,000 cyds of earthwork, over 200,000 tons of HMA. This section was substantially complete on Dec. 1st. The rest of the project:

  • Segment D – the remaining portion of I-69 connecting to I-465

    • Milestone is responsible for the HMA pavement, moment slabs and VWIM pavement.

  • Segment A – Mill and overlay, patching, shoulder reconstruction and widening on I-465 from I-70 to Mann Rd.

    • Milestone has subcontracted E&B Paving to perform HMA activities

  • Segment B – Total reconstruction of I-465 from Mann Rd. to US 31.

    • Milestone is responsible for the CRCP pavement, moment slabs & terminal joints.

      • The qty’s of CRCP pavement in this section is split between MCLP and our sub, E&B

  • Segment C – added PCCP travel lanes.

    • Milestone is responsible for the PCCP pavement for the added travel lanes and the permanent patching.

Shout outs – what’s been accomplished so far on this project has been amazing…a BIG THANK YOU for successfully coordinating our efforts in the field include Josh Callahan (overall project superintendent), Jason O’Neal (Seg. E project superintendent), Mike McCory (bridge project superintendent), Scott Purdue (concrete paving superintendent) & Eddie Fitzpatrick (HMA assistant gen superintendent), Samantha Skiles (Seg E project manager), Ashly Rieman (Seg A-D project manager). Producing the work to Milestone standards; a BIG THANK YOU to those mentioned above as well as Chad Wright, Glendon Cox, Doug Seaman, Brady Harris, Kyle Shireman, Kyle Crussel, John Moore, Mark Walker, Corey Deck, Pete Miller, Greg Fender, Roger Johnson, Jason McCory, Jeff Livingston, Dave Kirby, Milt Kinder, Dylan Myers, Clay Tedder, Kevin Boynton, Aaron Wooley, Luke May, Josh Morgan, Johan Carrera, Josh Miller, Matt Partlow, Roberto Medina, Chad Little, Jordan Edgar, Farrell Edwards. Safety – all of the folks mentioned above AND all of the men and women on the crews deserve a GIANT Atta-boy for our safety record on this project. There have been over 205,000 labor hours on this project in the last two years and we’ve only had 2 recordables and zero lost time. This is testament of not only our project leaderships dedication to safety, but our men and women performing the work. Despite the pace of the project, these men and women remained focused on the most important thing, go home the same way you came in!

The total project completion date is Oct. 2024.

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