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  • Ashlyn Halstead

I-69 Joint Venture

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

This year, Milestone will be working on our largest contract in a joint venture with Walsh. This project is the I-69 Section 6.5 - the final piece of the I-69 Corridor - which began in 2008, connecting Evansville to Indianapolis. Milestone was the prime contractor on Section 6.1, served as a subcontractor to Walsh on 6.2, and has performed work on multiple previous sections. Now, we are partnering with Walsh on Section 6.5 due to our companies’ long-standing relationship and being a trusted partner on these large contracts. The size of this project requires

a large team to manage the massive amount of work with team members from multiple divisions and a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and strengths.

Section 6.5 is broken down into segments: A through E. Milestone is set to be entirely responsible for Section E. This will consist of 3.5 miles of I-69, nearly one million cubic yards of embankment, 6 new bridges, replacement of 2

bridges, construction of 7 miles of MSE walls, a new interchange at County Line Road, new roadway connecting to the new interchange, and the reconstruction of Wicker Road. For the remainder of the project, Milestone is responsible for all of the HMA, PCCP, and CRCP paving, totaling 1.3 million square yards or roughly 130 lane miles. Milestone’s total scope on the project is 207 million dollars. Work is slated to begin this Spring and be completed by October 2024. We look forward to this partnership with Walsh taking on this challenge!

[Sources: Ryan Whitaker and Dan Hatcher]

Section 6.5 by the numbers

N E A R L Y O N E M I L L I O N C U B I C Y A R D S O F E M B A N K M E N T , 6 N E W B R I D G E S ,

R E P L A CE M E N T O F 2 B R I D G E S , C O N S T R U C T I O N O F 7 M I L E S O F M S E


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