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Janik Reveals Employer Brand Insights at AEMA Annual Meeting

The future of our industry was at the forefront at the annual Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association (AEMA) meeting. Experts spoke on innovative topics that provided opportunities for members to improve their businesses, keep up to date on best practices, and connect with colleagues from across the industry. During the event, there were opportunities to recognize individuals and teams for excellence in asphalt recycling & reclaiming.

Heritage Construction and Materials’ (HC+M) Chief Talent Officer Kierstin Janik was a featured presenter at this event. Several highlights of her presentation are noted below.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) projects there will be approximately $550 billion of new infrastructure investments over the next decade. These projects will potentially create 3.2 million new jobs across the non-residential construction value chain. It is estimated that somewhere between 300,000 to 600,000 new construction workers are needed to fill the gap with projected peak needs in 2027-2028.

In Indiana alone, there are predictions of 140,000 construction job openings by 2026 with more than 19,000 of those being highway construction jobs.

One of the most important activities we should always remember is the importance of creating a positive work environment. The different aspects of a positive environment can include:

  • Creating meaningful work

  • Good work / life balance

  • Investing in people

  • Providing learning and development opportunities

  • Creating a strong culture where inclusion and belonging matter

  • Sharing of ideas about success stories and celebrating wins

Being a Part of Women of Asphalt

What inspired me to join WOA, and how has your involvement impacted your career in the industry?

As a leader and talent professional, my involvement with Women of Asphalt is important to me on many levels.  I am highly committed to increasing diversity of all kinds in our construction and materials industry.  As businesses and an industry, we can’t afford not to!  To do that it is critical that women see our industry as a place where they belong and can thrive.  Women of Asphalt plays an important role in creating awareness to attract women into our industry as well as making resources and support accessible to women so that they can truly thrive.

Personally, Women of Asphalt has helped me to connect with other talented women who are not only impressive in their respective functions – They are dedicated to this same mission.  They inspire me in so many ways!

-Kierstin Janik

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