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  • Ashlyn Cavins

Making Lives Better One Road, Bridge and Runway at a Time

Last spring we embarked on a monumental journey. Our mission was crystal clear – remove, recycle and reconstruct the existing runway at Indianapolis International Airport with nothing short of perfection to build an infrastructure destined to serve the airport’s needs for the next 40 to 50 years. Crafted with precision, the enormous 150-foot-wide runway was laid with four 37.5-foot-wide pulls, each a massive 22-inches thick. It was no small feat but our team rose to the occasion.

The nearly 700-page blueprint had a distinctive focus on sustainability requirements. It was an honor to lean into our commitment to be stewards of the planet for the next generation. Here are the recycled stats from the project!

  • 135,000 tons of recycled concrete

  • 65,000 tons of recycled asphalt

  • Four million gallons of recycled water

Between the months of April and October, we were committed to The Milestone Way of not only Making Lives Better One Road and Bridge at a Time, but also one runway at a time, as Steve Friess, Head of VP of Concrete Operations would say.

The success and collaboration on reconstruction of runway 5L23 demonstrates our unyielding commitment to sustainable infrastructure practices.

Watch the video below to hear more from our team about the project!

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