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National Career Development Month: Ashly Rieman

November is National Career Development Month and celebrates those who work towards short- and long-term goals, have earned the skills and training in their industry and aim to keep their network strong. These individuals are living our core value: Keep Your Eyes Open for Opportunity and strive to develop more in their profession. Project Manager Ashly Rieman, exemplifies this. In her five years, she has worked in five different positions to gain the skills and development needed to understand heavy highway construction.

In 2018, Ashly joined our Developmental Trainee Program that takes employees through a rotation of different departments to help them gain knowledge in each area of our industry. This program also helps young professionals learn which area of the business will be a right fit for their career. Ashly’s first rotation was in Estimating, where she was able to learn more about blueprints and project plans. In her next role, Ashly moved into the field for the summer where she worked on the job she had estimated for. “It was an amazing opportunity to see numbers on a page become actual infrastructure,” says Ashly.

As she moved through the program, she gained more experience in including project accounting, equipment and on the asphalt crew. Working through all these rotations Ashly gained a better understanding of how departments work together at Milestone. In just under a year, she learned the grit it takes to lay asphalt in the summer heat and the number crunching and accuracy needed in estimating. "One thing I learned most in my rotations, was how to help my other co-workers in different departments because I have been in their position,” said Ashly. “I know that doing one small extra step may help them.”

Today, Ashly is a project manager for Milestone. In this role, her focus is on quantities, scheduling, sourcing subcontractors, and ordering materials. Ashly tracks daily project progress and updates INDOT officials. She began her project management journey in 2020 as a PM assistant on our I-70 job, and because of her rotation experiences, she was quickly ready for her first job as project manager on the Sherman and Thompson Road Roundabout. She is very proud of this project and gets to drive on it during her daily commute.

Currently, Ashly is one of the project managers on our I-69 Finish Line project, which includes all aspects of our work concrete, asphalt and a bridge. It is the biggest project she has ever done, and it has challenged and taught her more than ever before. As she looks into the future, she hopes for a project that gives her more time visit crews in the field.

In her position, she has learned to be a problem solver and to Tackle the Big problems with critical thinking and self-motivation. She’s learned that you have to be okay with change and how to pivot when that occurs. One thing she does know is that her care for others, ability to connect, and going the extra mile has contributed to her success and where she is today. “Once you prove yourself in this company, people will always be there to help,” said Ashly. “ You put in the hard work, and they will reward you.”

Ashly is involved in Women of Asphalt and attends an array of association events. We are grateful to have a hard-working employee like you on the Milestone team. The development you have shown in just a short few years, makes us excited for what the future holds for you. Thank you for your passion and commitment to your team members and projects! Because of employees like you we can Make Lives Better One Road and Bridge at a Time.

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