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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Opportunities Abound: Skilled Traded

The first Wednesday of each May is recognized as National Skilled Trades Day. Join us as we celebrate our diverse and skilled workforce, as well as educate about all the benefits and possibilities a traded skill can bring!

Skilled trade jobs range from truck drivers, mechanics, construction workers, nurses’ aides and more. In the US, we are seeing generations retire before positions can be filled. Currently, there are more jobs open in skilled trade fields than there are workers to fill them, and we will continue to see this trend. These positions are very important for keeping our country intact! These are the individuals who construct bridges and roads, repair our cars, put in new toilets and more.

Benefits of a Skilled Trade:

  • Job Demand! As forementioned we are seeing a generation retire faster than companies can fill job openings. Increasing the demand for skilled workers!

  • Earn Now! Those who enter a Trade career often need a certification to start vs a degree, which means they can begin earning with little to no debt from education.

  • It’s Rewarding! Often in trades you get to see a hard day’s work come to life visually, especially here at HC+M. Its’s rewarding to roll up your sleeves and put in an honest day’s work.

Hear from Milestone Superintendent, Josh Burris, on why he recommends a career in the trades: “I would recommend a career in the construction industry because it’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of innovation and technology within an industry where integrity, collaboration and hard work are still core values that dictate professional and personal success”

People in the trades is what holds our country together. In skilled trades, you can have a career that offers excellent pay, benefits, healthcare, and more. If you are in the trades, today we celebrate you-we know it’s a true labor of love. If you are interested in the trades and want to get started, learn more here:

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