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  • Cathy Wethington

Reuse Heart and Sole Campaign

This was the 6th year for Milestone to participate in the Reuse Heart & Sole shoe collection that benefits Changing Footprints. This was our second year to partner with our HC&M family.

Our team was able to collect 1,338 pair of shoes for this great organization and earned us the second-place spot. If you do not know what Changing Footprints is about, please look them up at

Each pair of donated shoes will find a new pair of feet or be recycled. For several years now, Nike has taken on the recycling of shoes that are not wearable or does not have a ‘sole’ mate and will make running tracks and playground mulch.

Boone County Solid Waste Management District sponsors this shoe drive each year and because in 2022 it will be their 10th year of participating; they have set a goal of 10,000 pairs of shoes for the District. You guessed it: we will be adding what we can to that 10,000 pairs!

A BIG thank you goes out to everyone that brought in shoes but a special thank you goes to Lisa Carpenter from Milestone North she is a newcomer to Milestone and sent bag after bag and box after box down to help. You are welcome on my team anytime, Lisa. Thank you.

Thanks also goes out to Stephen Fisher, Joshua Stroud, Brett Pittman, Mark Andrews, Gary Wethington, Roseann Eiler, Chris Henline, Paul Bailey, and Kevin (Jumbo) Boynton for helping to sort, load and unload the trucks. Lots of work goes into that. A special thanks to EA Asphalt for sending overshoes as well. What a great customer to help with our project.

Written by: Cathy Wethington

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