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Subcontractor Highlight- Hoosier

The Hoosier Company, Inc.has been helping out Milestone for many years! Hoosier completes work for us all over the state of Indiana. Recently they have created new overhead sheet signs on interstates and have completed the lighting at the Indianapolis Airport for us. Projects require a lot of moving parts to complete, and we are grateful to be able to work with a company like Hoosier! Thank you, Hoosier, for your quality service, and we can't wait to work together for years to come. (photos)

“Working with Milestone is always rewarding for The Hoosier Company. We know we can always count on Safety, Communication and Teamwork. Milestone puts Safety priority number one and, for Hoosier, it is nice knowing that we are working for someone that “walks the walk” when it comes to Safety. Knowing our employees go home safe every day is comforting to Hoosier, as Safety is a priority to Hoosier as well. As we all know this highway business can be a difficult one, so it is more important today to have Communication. Tighter schedules, material procurement issues and hiring and retaining a trained workforce is difficult enough, and without Communication, it is much harder. Milestone’s ability to Communicate the schedules are spot on and accurate, and we can count on those schedules when Hoosier needs to get the critical work completed for you. We appreciate that! Lastly, being and feeling like part of a Team is important to us, and Hoosier is proud to be part of the Milestone Team. It takes Teamwork to get a job done and Milestone always makes all of us at Hoosier feel like part of their Team. Thanks for trusting Hoosier on the difficult projects and the simple ones. We appreciate the opportunity to carry on our relationship now and in the future.”

-Keith Mullens, Vice President |The Hoosier Company

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