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Sustainable Infrastructure

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

At Milestone, we Make Lives Better One Road and Bridge at A Time. One way we do this is by using strong, sustainable concrete mixtures. Researchers believe achieving carbon neutral paving materials by 2050 is possible if industry and governmental actors apply a range of solutions. Such solutions include taking use-phase impacts into account and making strategic pavement construction and repair choices-with concrete being one of the suggested materials to contribute to carbon neutrality. Steve Friess, VP of Concrete Operations, has an article featured in Construction Today’s June Edition Magazine. In Steve’s article he is able to explain the sustainable aspects concrete holds. Such as its life cycle of 30+ years, concrete’s fueling efficiency properties, low albedo, resilience and more. Read the full article using the link below:

How is Milestone currently using concrete?

At the Indianapolis Intl. Airport crews are working on reconstructing one of the oldest runways at the airport and upgrading the taxiway pavement and lighting. This is the largest single-year project supervised by Project Manager, Matt Gessner. Matt was able to give a tour to our Heritage Group interns to show them behind-the-scenes. Here is what intern, Noah Jenkins, learned:

  • 5- INCHES of asphalt it takes to create a solid platform for concrete work on top

  • 75- YEARS is how long these runways should last

  • 68,000- CUBIC YARDS of concrete are being used to create these new runways

  • 100,000- TONS of material in total are being used by the end of this project

We are proud to say that three years of preparation has earned this project Envision Platinum award status from the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure. Envision Platinum is recognized as the highest award level provided by ISI to projects that significantly contribute to sustainability. To the crews putting in the hours in this project, you should be proud to be a part of strong sustainable infrastructure that will last well beyond your career.


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