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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Toolbox Tips: Measure Twice

You’ve heard this before: measure twice, cut once. This is how you avoid mistakes. This is also why savvy contractors line out their paving jobs and paint the number of tons each pass requires on the existing subbase.

Now here’s a trick question for you.

If you have a state-of-the-art GPS with positioning stations bouncing markers and imaginary string lines around your paving site, sending depths and slopes to 97 tablets and smartphones that may or may not be owned by people who are integral to this project’s success, will you still take the time to paint numbers around the place? I suggest you do.

Today’s toolbox tip is this: plan ahead. Measure twice. Maybe it’s overkill to paint long lines if you trust your station’s uptime, but the numbers and signs you include in the daily project are markers for each member of the team. Keep everyone on the same page.

Look at other areas you’re measuring, such as the extensions on the screed. Extend that out and measure it. While the marks you’ve painted on the extendible are your guide, you want to pull the tape measure out of your tool belt and make sure you’ve got it right.

Check the depth you’ve set. All the automation and controls are wonderful, excellent tools to help the paving crew get bonus-worthy results in the field, but it’s wise to double-check settings and double-check the metal’s movements. Did the screed plate truly take on a 2 percent slope? Get out the level and straight edge and measure to find out.

If you measure before you start paving, you’ll have more confidence going forward. And you’ll have a better chance at getting a top quality project in the end.

Sourced from: The Asphalt Pro

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