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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Training Takeaways

Earlier this winter we took the off season to go through safety training. We know it was long days of learning, so we wanted to share some key takeaways!

Our daily huddles are important! It is easy to get into a routine and be on stand-by mode. Remember you can make a difference in these huddles! Stay alert, bring up concerns, make sure PPE is correct. This could save a life. Daily huddles make sure everyone is aware of schedules, teach new hire, and help build relationships.

Daily huddles are a great way to recognize hard work or give constructive criticism. This helps us continually improve not only as a crew but as a company. As we head into this season, remember YOU can make a difference. Be a leader. Create a save environment. Offer support and encouragement. Live out the Milestone Way!

Thank you, Emily Mick and Kevin Boynton, for presenting at this year's safety training!

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