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  • Ashlyn Halstead

Work Zone Safety is a Family Affair

Indiana House Bill 1015 is a pilot program that proposes placing electronic license plate readers in active construction sites, monitoring for drivers exceeding posted work site speed limits by at least 11 miles per hour. First time offenders would be mailed a warning with second time violators receiving fines of 75 dollars.

Providing compelling testimony in support of HB1015 were a handful of construction industry professionals, including Milestone’s Chad Scott who recounted an incident of an employee being stuck and killed in a work zone. Without question, Chad is a staunch supporter of the bill and does all he can to support the safety of team members working in construction zones. The support Chad receives from his co-workers and family fuels his passion, and Chad’s stepmom, Ruth Scott, may be his biggest fan.

Ruth Scott, a US Aggregates employee, is the scale clerk at the Swisher Sand and Gravel Plant and became Chad’s stepmom 26 years ago. Ruth has her own storied career in the construction industry, starting out as an asphalt truck driver where she worked for 20 years – literally paving the way for women in the industry. It was on the job where Ruth met Chad’s father, Marvin Scott, who worked for a company responsible for setting up work zone sites.

Ruth recounted the day Chad came home saying he needed to talk to his father – the day he had to witness an employee’s life cut short in a work zone by a reckless driver and then had to tell that employee’s wife, who also happened to be working at a different road construction site, that her husband wouldn’t be coming home with her that evening. Ruth recalled the conversation, stating “I remember Chad’s dad telling him to never turn his back on traffic. We’re literally inches away from the yellow line. Vehicles simply don’t slow down. Those barricades are the only thing protecting you.”

Ruth’s voice brightens when she speaks about her stepson, and her evident pride shows through in her words. “I’m very proud of the way Chad has worked his way through the industry – bringing awareness and change to improve work zone safety on construction jobs.

Chad takes the responsibility of his crew and workers very seriously and wants everyone to be able to get home to their families and loved ones every day.” She noted what a deeply caring and responsible person Chad is, saying in all situations “he strives to make the best decision for everyone involved.”

We’re big fans too, Ruth, and are proud of all the diligent efforts Chad has put forth to make HB1015 a viable initiative. You can view the Indiana General Assembly’s session here. Select the January 31, 2023 meeting date and forward to the 54:53 mark.

Chad Scott and his step-mother, Ruth Scott.

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