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  • Ashlyn Halstead

222,000 Bridges Ready for Repair in the US

ARTBA (American Road + Transportation Builders Association) report for 2023 is in. From their findings, over 222,000 bridge spans need repair, including 76,600 bridges that should be replaced. As the end of FY 2023 approaches, states have committed 3.2 billion dollars in funds that are expected to help support over 2,060 bridge projects in the construction and repair pipeline.

At Milestone, we live by a promise and commitment to Make Lives Better One Road and Bridge at a Time. We know that’s an overwhelming number of bridges that need repaired, but we are starting here in Indiana one bridge at a time to improve the infrastructure for our Indiana residents and those traveling through the state.

Our bridge rehabilitation on I-74 over Whitewater River in Dearborn County, Indiana has just come to completion after 2 years. This project consisted of the removal and replacement of 2 existing bridge structures along I-74. In the fall of 2021, we started our work by installing two cross overs to switch traffic flow to opposite lanes to be able to remove and replace each bridge. In 2022, the existing west bound bridge was demo’d. From them our crews installed steel sheet piling cofferdams, shell and H pilling and reinforcing steel. Once that was in place the structural concrete was poured to fully construct the new bridges. In 2023, the east bound bridge was constructed in the same manager.

Drone footage captured by David Lopossa

“The intensity and complexity of this project is almost un-matched in Milestone's long bridge history. This project has been a good partnership with INDOT and very rewarding! Great job by all involved including estimating, PA, PM and operations! Corey Baugh, VP/Area Manager, of this project provided unique challenges to the team from day one regarding schedule, constructability, access and outside forces such as weather. Through internal teamwork and a great partnership with INDOT we were able to deliver a final product on schedule and with workmanship we can be proud of!" -Forrest Plumlee, Project Manager

Though this bridge project provided its unique challenges due to the pure size and quantity of bridge elements being constructed, our crews were able to complete by showing up dedicated to communication and building relationships. Without effective teamwork, this job couldn’t have succeeded. This project is a true testament to The Milestone Way showing up with passion for what we build, respect for one another, trust in the team, and commitment to complete a job that they knew would improve travel for others. Great work to all involved!

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