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Building a Culture of Safety

Safety is our main priority at Milestone, and we are committed to creating a workplace environment where every employee feels secure and protected. We understand that construction sites can be inherently hazardous, with the potential for injuries to occur while performing various tasks. Therefore, our steadfast dedication to safety not only safeguards our employees but also enhances overall project efficiency and quality.

To ensure the highest level of safety on our construction sites, we established a team that is always improving. Here are the members of the Milestone safety team.

Russell Randle | Safety Director

Russell Randle has been working in safety for 25 years. The skills Russell developed throughout his safety career to succeed includes knowledge of OSHA standards and company policies, strong leadership, able to manage people, problem solving, and many other skills.

In his free time, Russell enjoys travelling and hanging out with his family and friends. He is married to Vernice “Niecy” for 32 years and they have identical adult twin sons.

Amy Bingham | Senior Safety Representative

Amy Bingham has been working with Milestone for 27 years. She is the Senior Safety Representative and skills she developed in this position are communication, monitoring and maintaining safety compliance, being an approachable person, and conducting health and safety training.

In Amy’s free time, she likes to spoil her grandchildren, read, travel with her husband, cook, and bake.

Amy has been married to her husband Dave since 2009. They are locals to Martinsville, Indiana and currently reside there. They have a daughter named Elizabeth and a son named TJ. They have three granddaughters named Callie, Ruby, and Catie. Also, they have two spoiled dogs, Fritz—yorkie and chihuahua mix, and BB, a black lab.

Shaquille Breeding | Safety Manager

Shaquille Breeding has been working with Milestone for six years. Skills that he developed during his time as a safety manager are understanding OSHA standards, great people skills, OSHA training, and employee onboarding.

In his free time, he enjoys coaching and participating in physical exercise. He is married to Breanna Breeding, and they have two sons, Shakur and Shaquille.

Angela Quail | Safety Representative

Angela Quail has been with Milestone for three years, but her career in safety spans around 10 years-- such as building construction, medical surveillance and compliance, and waste hauling including DOT (Department of Transportation) management. The skills she needed to succeed in safety are organization, attention to detail, and being able to communicate across many levels of the organization.

In her free time, she enjoys working out, reading, and entertaining. Some continuous goals are traveling, gardening, and living a holistic lifestyle.

Angela and her significant other, Zach, love to spend time with their family. They have a four-year-old granddaughter and one on the way!

Bryce Loweth | Safety Representative

Bryce Loweth has been at Milestone for six years and four years as an instructor for Indiana Laborers Apprenticeship. Skills Bryce developed during his time is being a good listener to our people with boots on their feet. He advocates for them, but also leads them in a safety culture. Bryce came from the field and can relate to a lot of them. He prides himself on having a relationship with his fellow workers. He cares for each of them, and they are a family. He tackles challenges and adversities head on but is open to ideas and change.

In his free time, Bryce likes to golf, hunt, and fish. He has been an EMT and volunteer firefighter for the last 10 years. As well as a reserve police officer and do lessons for kids under 10. He coaches travel baseball and football.

Bryce has been married to Casey Loweth who is a Columbus Project Manager. They have three boys ranging from the ages 3 to 12. They play football, basketball, baseball, and 4H. Also, they have a farm with donkeys, goats, chickens, and a horse!

Courtney Schultz | Safety Representative

Courtney Schultz works as a safety representative for Milestone and Speedway Construction Products. She has been in safety for a little over four years and has previously worked on concrete paving for two summers with Primco. To be successful in safety, she found that consistency, approachability, and effective communication are skills that she needs within the industry. When interacting with crew members and drivers, they know that they can trust her and assist as much as she can. She respects every one of her co-workers and expresses genuine concern for them and their safety every day.

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys taking care of her health, physically and mentally. She enjoys going on walks, playing tennis, and hot yoga!

She enjoys spending time outdoors, travelling, and finding new coffee shops to enjoy with her boyfriend, Reid, and two children, Julian and Wren.

Derek Ray | Senior Safety Representative

Derek Ray has been with Primco/ Speedway for 10 years but has been with Milestone for two years. During his time as a safety representative, he developed the skills of communication and relationship building, the desire to expand knowledge, ability to learn and train on topics, and many other skills.

In his free time, he enjoys working on cars and woodworking. Derek is blessed to be able to play his childhood passion, ice hockey, for 52 years!

Derek has been married to his wife for 27 years. They have four children, which includes two daughters and two sons. Also, they have 2 grandchildren, Maddox and Marley.

Diane Reese | Safety Representative

Diane “Katie” Reese is the new safety representative for the Richmond area, and she started this month! Previously, Katie was a laborer for 9.5 years with Milestone doing dirt/pipe work and her most recent position was quality control (QC) for asphalt. Katie directly reports to Russell Randle.

Katie is honored to have been chosen to represent her area and keep everyone safe. Katie is married to her high school sweetheart, Andy, and they have three girls together.

During her time off, she enjoys any outdoor activities, and her favorite is deer hunting. Finally, Katie is dedicated to serving her community by being a volunteer in the fire department.

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